Welcome to the RozeSMP Server Store!

This is where you can purchase ranks, keys and more to enhance your experience. We provide many unique and exclusive rank features that you can claim as your own. Go through the categories and look at the perks you can purchase! Purchasing an item does not only improve the gameplay experience but purchases help us maintain and improve the server. We greatly appreciate all donations.

Note: RozeSMP is in no way affiliated with Microsoft, Mojang or Minecraft.

Note to Parents

We understand that your child's idea of ​​buying goods on the Internet is a bit worrying, so we will quickly explain it to you. Your child is playing in the online world with many other players. Each player starts with a default rank. This rank already has many features, but more features are available when you purchase a package from the server. This includes more features than the default rank and enables them to get more things on the network, thereby making the playing experience more enjoyable.

Refund Policy 

Since the items and perks received at the time of purchase are digital intangible items, there is a strict non-refund policy. Since you cannot replace the time it takes to assign items to you and/or return the items received, there will be no refunds.



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